Zuckerzeit IX

Zuckerzeit IX is a creative collaboration between Canadian guitarist and composer Joseph Martin and German songwriter and producer Thorsten Abel.

Taking their name from the 1974 Cluster album Zuckerzeit, Zuckerzeit IX draw influence from 1970's Krautrock acts like CAN and Cluster; ambient and soundscape pioneers Brian Eno and Harold Budd as well as works by impressionist composers like Erik Satie and Maurice Ravel

The music is a combination of improvised composition and structure, experiments in modal and tonal harmony and generative synthesis. The instrumentation mixes stringed instruments with analog and digital synths, field recordings, midi guitar and other programming.

Joseph Martin is a songwriter and guitarist who has toured with Steve Morse (Deep Purple), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre, Avenged Sevenfold), Damon Fox (The Cult, BigElf) and continues to write and perform with the long running Canadian indie rock band Bend Sinister.

Thorsten Abel is a multi instrumentalist and composer who released 3 albums via Glitterhouse/Sub Pop EU with the band Hip Young Things and more recently has worked in film composition and currently leads his own original band abel collective. 


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