Wind & Story

"Wind & Story" is a new project by author and composer Roy Milner.  Over the years, Roy has composed music for international commercials, film, television, and award-winning documentaries for National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery Channel, CBC, and the Outdoor Life Network.

With ambient and world music at its core, the first "Wind & Story" EP is intended to provide a place of quiet, meaningful reflection with an eastern feel where the listener is guided from one meditational state to another. The soon to follow LP has a broader pallet of colors and rhythms evoking the wonders and sounds of nature across the globe. Above all else, the music of "Wind & Story" is intended to inspire hope, peace, and compassion.

Also keep an ear out for Roy’s other project, "I Swear There Were Whispers." The band will be self-releasing their debut album "Madelyn Headspin" in 2021, a concept record that is anything BUT quiet…


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