Ollorjya is a Manitoba based ambient instrumental artist whose compositions are based around digital and analog synthesizers, piano, and ethereal vocal refrains. This blend of sounds and textures is created with the intention to create space for peace and calm.

The project started in December 2020 as part of Altona Yoga’s ‘8 Days of Equanimity' video series and has since grown into its own entity. Her initial two albums ‘Yin Equanimity’ and ‘Hatha Equanimity’ guide the listener’s breath through an evenly timed inhalation and exhalation rhythm known as resonance breathing. These albums are made up of a palette of sounds including warm synths, soft piano, ethereal vocals, organic samples and field recordings of nature. With a passion for creating beautiful soundscapes, Ollorjya crafts music that is intended to soothe and calm.

Previous to this project Ollorjya, aka Laura Smith, released music with the indie pop-rock duo Rococode and currently she writes and records alternative pop music as Daggerss. Her career as a creative artist spans over a decade in which she released a multitude of LP’s, EP’s, singles and remixes, toured internationally, had singles in the top 40, and now also works as a producer for other artists. 


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