Neighborhood Libraries

There are moments even in the most chaotic of epochs when the world slows down for a split second and a glint of beauty becomes visible. The neo-classical compositions of Neighborhood Libraries attempt to seek out those fleeting moments of tranquility. Taylor Swindells (of Vancouver’s indie rock outfit The Tourist Company) started this solo project out of a profound need for mental space amidst what’s rapidly become a dumpster fire of a year in 2020. His first collection of songs under this name each have a life of their own but meld together to form a thematic work entitled Golden Hours pt 1, inspired by the photography term for the time of the day when the light is perfect.

Neighborhood Libraries’ sonically sparse and melodic compositions draw from various ambient, electronic and neo-classical influences in an effort to preserve mental health at a time when that has proven to be increasingly difficult. They don’t completely ignore darkness but attempt to draw inspiration from a whisper of light. The first pensive notes of the opening track “8 AM” welcome simplicity; setting the tone for a project that finds its life as a safe space for the listener to exist and breathe. Other songs in this compilation like the more expansive “[Time] Place” shake off the limits of minimalism and introduce more complexity while maintaining an ethos of serenity. The first installation of Golden Hours was self-produced and recorded in its entirety at Swindells’ home studio which he calls “Edge of the World”. As part of an evolving record it will continue to grow as time goes on.

Having recently been signed to Cordova Bay Entertainment Group’s new ambient imprint Flood Tide Music, Neighborhood Libraries look forward to a continued exploration of these musical spaces. 


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